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Missouri River Outdoor Expo

Folks if you have made the short drive to Ponca State Park in northeast Nebraska for the Fall Expo you really owe it to yourself and family to get up there.  The largest Expo in Nebraska (and maybe the midwest) Ponca has something for everyone…from shooting rifle, shotgun,  muzzleloaders, archery, big game rifles, kayaking, Missouri River boat rides, fishing, bow fishing, camping, tree stand safety, outdoor villages, crafts, games, wildlife activities…you just can’t go wrong this weekend at Ponca. 

Jeff Fields and the team at Ponca have done an outstanding job, along with all the volunteers that make this huge program such a success.  And of course, just visiting Ponca State Park in the fall is a treat in itself.  The attitude amongst all the staff and volunteers just seems to foster a fun and exciting time for all who are fortunate enough to participate in this grand event.  Don’t miss out!  The Expo will run Saturday through Sunday this weekend only.  We’ll see you out there!

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Shooting is a big part of the Ponca Expo and is a lot of fun for anyone!


The Stink on Scent-Lok

According to Field & Stream, a judge in Minnesota has ruled that the clothing giant ALS is liable for false advertising! 

The smelly suit was brought forth by a few hunters that claimed their Scent-Lok clothing did not provide the type of 100% scent elimination as claimed.  During the hearing, the plaintiffs called Dr. Amos Turk to the stand, a one time Scent-Lok consultant.  Dr Turk suggested the article of clothing in question, provided by the plaintiff, would be relatively poor in reducing human odor. 

This ruling does nothing to suggest whether Scent-Lok actually works or not.  It only suggests they were found liable of false advertising.  So…DOES SCENT-LOK WORK?  Let’s air our that laundry…

I tell hunters all the time to hunt with your nose to the wind.  My OPINION is that it can help, certainly can not hurt, and it may be the edge that gets that deer to hang on three more seconds for a shot.  On the other hand, I do not believe any clothing will eliminate 100% of human odor.  You stink.  Own it!  On the other hand, if it makes you feel more confident when heading to the field to wear Scent-Lok clothing then go for it.  Heck I’d wear my wife’s prom dress if I thought it would help!

I am interested as to what your experiences have been with Scent-Lok…

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Oh yah! The moment! Not a good time to worry about your smell!

Can you smell too good?

Nebraska Hunters Had 100% Success In 2009!

Yep!  You read it right!  Now, I am not going to even discuss the excellent hunting opportunities present in Nebraska.  I am talking about the true measure of success.  According to studies supported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, hunters agree that success is had each time they go afield.  Its the stuff you find from watching the sun rise from the tree stand.  The experience you gain from chasing turkeys all over the state.  Its the joy you found in sharing the hunt or shooting with kids or friends.  Its the joy you get from watching your hunting buddy point his first bird and the sadness when he points his last.  Its the thrill of hard work paying off when  your arrow hits its mark.  Its the relaxation with family and friends around the crackle of a good fire after a long day afield.  Its the anticipation of the next day afield and the optimism that follows.  Its the feeling of connection with the land, our heritage and those great Americans that came before us.  Its the understanding of nature and wild things that is gained from countless hours in the blind, walking fields or sitting in the stand.   Its the passion of supporting legislation that ultimately supports hunting and wildlife.  It is the realization that you are a hunter…

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100% Success!

100% Success

No birds but 100% success!

Our hunt was 100% success long before this bird showed up!

Behind the Scenes…

…Thursday and Friday this past week was spent filming the first in a series of  “how-to” podcasts for the NGPC/UNL program currently called Nebraska Outdoor University…this inaugural “podcast” covers spring turkey hunting basics and was really very interesting to put together – I’m sure all involved would agree… 

A Star is Born!

…some minor videography is still needed, and editing has just begun, but the biggest challenge in my opinion was condensing information down to fit into a 20 minute video – our NGPC Turkey Workshops generally run for 2+ hours!… 

…all involved are eagerly waiting to see how the final product turns out – we’ll let you know when it gets posted officially to the web so you can draw your own conclusions, too…from what I hear there may even be an out-take reel!… 

…future podcasts to include: field-dressing/processing big game, sighting-in your rifle & predator calling strategies…with even more to come in the future!… 


…And Carry A Big Stick

Of all the crazy things to blog about, a walking stick would seem pretty boring but My stick is anything but.   My walking stick gets thrown into the truck for just about every outing.  It  has 1001 uses and it gives me great comfort just knowing it is there.  I use it for so many things.   It started life as a cedar branch that came off during a storm on top of a ridge overlooking the Little Nemaha River.  It must have had 15-20 good years of watching that old river flow, turkeys walking by, deer roaming underneath it…it may have even seen a mountain lion or bobcat.  It probably witnessed some pretty cool storms and Nebraska skies.  I found it lying on the ground during a turkey hunt a few years ago.  I brought it home and cleaned it up.  I sanded it down to a smooth finish and gave it several  coats of polyurethane stain.  I whittled the tip to make it a bit more narrow and I wrapped the handle in saddle  leather from an old horse saddle (another story).  I found a little device that I attached to the stick to make it a handy gun rest.   This good buddy has helped me many times:

walking stick, checking for snakes, removing webs in the woods, searching for  downed game, shooting rest, fire poke, personal protection (did I mention its a big stick?), and it was pretty instrumental last archery season when I retrieved my deer out of a crick.   At this stage, I can’t imagine life without my walking stick.   Next time your in the woods, find yourself a good walking stick.  I bet the two of you become good friends!

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A thing of practical beauty!

A perfect shooting rest!

Last Predator Hunt

We had a chance to head out the night before this snow storm hit for a bit of coyote calling.  What a debacle!  The snow was pretty crunchy.  Every step was as loud as a freight train.  Actually that crusted over stuff is important in deep snow as predators tend to hunt more when they can walk atop the frozen snow giving them the advantage. 

At our first set up we sat along a crick line and placed the caller and decoy about 50 yards in front of us.  The snow gives off a faint glow making nightime sight easier.  After calling for around 12 minutes, we heard the same crunching noice over the snow that we made only it was heading right for us down the same tree line we were in from the north.   The critter stopped ~10ft from us and I almost had to laugh at the picture.  Two predator hunters and one predator sharing the same vantage point all looking out into the field watching the show.  He snuck back behind us and was gone before we could make anything happen.  Success?  If having one of natures best sneak within spitting distance of you is fun then you bet we felt successful!  Looking for a morning to get out this week again but the drifts may make travel down county roads tough.   Will let you know soon!  Happy New Year!

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Scatterguns for Coyotes

One of my favorite guns for calling coyotes in close is the 12 gauge shotgun.  Most hunters have one in their closet and the standard bird gun will work okay for this purpose BUT…those of you with a died in the wool turkey gun have a great predator getter as well!

Many of the shotguns in the turkey market are also just what the Dr. ordered for predators as well.  Short barreled semi-auto or pump guns in black or camo sporting super full turkey choke tubes can be a real concern for NE coyotes, bobcats, fox, etc.  Match a good 3 inch mag of #2, BB or Ts and you have the makings of a perfect predator gun.  Make sure you pattern to find the best load.  A well tuned gun, choke and load combo can effectively drop most any predator out to 50 yards with redundance.  

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