Nebraska Pheasant Outlook

I have heard a lot of discussion lately on the outlook for pheasants in Nebraska this year.  Much of the state will be similar to last year with the hot spot likely in southwest Nebraska.  Several things are impacting our numbers right now.  First, the winter we survived was an unusually tough one with cold temps and prolonged deep snow.  That was hard for most wildlife to survive and undoubtedly had an impact on pheasants.  They can scratch through some snow but not several feet!  Second, we had a really cool and wet spring/early summer which likely did not help pheasant recruitment this year.  Such weather impacts insect populations and is not ideal for young chicks.

My suggestion is to understand these impacts and enjoy the season.  In areas of quality habitat, you will find birds and your dog will be thrilled.  In areas of poor habitat,  hunting may be more difficult.  The key in all this is having quality habitat for pheasants to survive weather outbreaks such as our last winter and spring.  The Commission and Pheasants Forever have been working with landowners for several years now to enhance pheasant habitat and the benefits of such efforts are starting to pay off.   More and more landowners are changing practices to benefit pheasants and we hope such efforts will continue. 

Don’t get discourage as the birds are out there.  Find good habitat and you will find roosters.  Enjoy each outing with friends and dogs and appreciate the birds that they bring to you.

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    • toster
    • October 13th, 2010

    Too bad Nebraska doesn’t release over a million birds like SD will! Maybe that has something to do with the numbers hunters see. I am sure it influences the amount of hunters going to South Dakota to hunt, and the lack of out of state hunters here in Nebraska! I mean I am from south east Nebraska, and I go to SD to hunt!! If the game commission wants to get people coming back in to the state to hunt they have to do something!!! Pheasants Forever, does a good job, but more responsibility should rest on the state’s shoulders!!

    • Josh
    • October 15th, 2010

    The Nebraska Game and parks commission alot of public hunting land. The last 3 years we have noticed that they are running cattle on these lands. Why? We will not return this year.

      • jrawlinson
      • October 24th, 2010

      thanks for the comment. Grazing is a natural part of land management and many of our native grasses actually respond well to grazing, as they evolved with this for thousands of years under the bison. Not sure which WMA you are referring to but my assumption would be they are using cattle to cause disturbance to the area (halting succession) to keep the grassland habitat favorable for pheasant. Keep hunting my friend!
      Get Em’ Out There

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