Outdoors-Woman By Choice

Dutch oven cooking...my favorite session! Don't know what was in the pots but it was sure good!

Peering over the steering wheel of my truck, I could see not just one but several of them as they made their way toward the lodge.  They looked determined to accomplish and in remarkably good spirit.  There must have been nearly 100 of them.  They were all demanding the same thing…acceptance into a male dominated sport!  I could not be more impressed with the 2010 graduating class of the Nebraska Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program we recently held  at the State 4H Camp at the Bessey Division of the Halsey National Forest.  These gals were as determined as any guy to learn to hunt, fish, shoot, hike, kayak,  camp, learn outdoor survival techniques, cooking in the outdoors and so much more!  These women are not intimidated and refuse to let the best life has to offer pass them by simply because dad never took them hunting or such.  They have my utmost respect!

For those women looking for further opportunities in outdoor programs, we are offering a number of Beyond BOW programs that include kayaking, deer and turkey hunting, fishing, camping, and much more.  For more information go to www.nebraskabow.com and let the good life begin!

Get Em’ Out There


Hershy discusses the finer points of tree stand safety

Educator Christy Christiansen shows the ladies how important a fall restraint harness is when hunting from a tree stand

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