2nd Doe! – FIELD REPORT/ARCHERY DEER: From Jessica

Doe #2

“Another one bites the dust…” It’s my new theme song!!

This past Sunday evening I was blessed with another mature doe. My treestand was set up about five feet from the creek that runs through the property, which is only a 20 yards shot to the other side. The evening started off slow till about 6:30, when I had a small spike buck come within 15 yards. Around 7:15pm, I spotted a doe way back in the trees headed my way, so immediately I stood up and got ready. It took her about ten minutes to work her way up to me, where she stood grazing for over fifteen minutes. The whole time she was facing me, so I wasn’t given the opportunity for a shot. It took a lot of patience, but it paid off when she finally walked closer (about 18 yards), and turned broadside. When she looked away, I drew my bow back, picked ‘a spot’ on her side to aim for, and slowly pulled the trigger on my release… The doe didn’t even know what hit her. She ran about fifteen yards before crashing! What a night!!!


Mentor Jeff Micek & Me

    • jrawlinson
    • September 24th, 2010

    Jessica – Kid you rock!

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