Opening Day Success! – FIELD REPORT/ARCHERY DEER: From Jessica

My First Deer of the Year

What a day!!

Beep, Beep, Beep“…that’s the sound my alarm ‘would have’ made if I actually slept until it went off at 4:00 a.m.  Instead, I was wide awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, by 3:25 a.m.  Sunrise was 7:03 a.m., which meant 6:33 was leagal shooting light, so we were in our stands by 6:00. The morning hunt did not go as I had hoped because I didn’t see a single deer, but I guess that’s why you call it hunting! But for Alex, (a 2008 graduate from the NGPC Youth Mentor Program) he had a successful morning, with the harvest of a big mature doe at 7:15am. Way to go Alex!

Alex's Deer


That afternoon my mentor, Kevin Markt, came to pick me up along with another girl who is new to the program this year. We were all set up and in our treestands by 4:30pm, with deer already moving. Within an hour I had a doe walk right in to me on a 20-yard trail.  So I stood up, grabbed my bow, put up my seat, and made sure to stay close to the tree. It was hard to stand still with all the adrenaline rushing through my  body.  Without me making any noise, she stopped broadside with her head down, and that’s when I pulled back my bow. I shot, and away she ran, about 50 yards, then stopped in front of Kevin. “Deer down!”… YES! 

After packing up and heading home, I received a text message from Justin (another kid in the mentor program who had hunted a different property that night), “I just shot a doe!”  Justin was in his stand no longer then 45 minutes, when a big doe snuck in on him.  He took his time, and made a beautiful double lung shot.  She only made it 30-yards before crashing!  He was pumped! 

Looks like we’re off to a great start!!  Congrats to all those who harvested a deer already, and goodluck to those who will be getting out for their first time this weekend! 

Justin's Deer



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