Why Is It?…

…why is it that I find myself placing tree stands on September 15, opening day of Nebraska’s Archery Deer Season, when I promised myself I would have it done at least a week before season this year?…

…why is it that after a thorough search of the area the only tree I can find to hang my tree-stand in is a honey locust that is covered in thorns? – there is just too much deer sign to walk away!…

…why is it that despite my better judgement I begin to remove the thorns so I can begin to place my climbing sticks? – they seem to come off pretty easily

…why is it that, after 45 minutes, these dang thorns seems to be growing faster than I can cut them off?…

…why is it that, after 60 more minutes, I am now taking this thorn-removal process as a challenge to my deer hunting prowess?…

…why is it that, after 35 more minutes, I have the tree 98% cleared but I keep “finding” the remaining 2% with my fingers and arms?…

…why is it that, 2 1/2  hours later, when the task is accomplished and I am leaving the area I notice a beautiful silver maple 15 yards away in an even better spot?…

…why is it that I love this sport so dang much?…


    • Leslie
    • September 15th, 2010

    Check your dates that was yesterday the 14th so you were a day before season started 🙂

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