Small Game Workshop Offers Something For All

Small Game Hunting Workshop - something for everyone

After the classroom portion, students honed their skills on the silhouette range - not a bad shooter!

This young man couldn't wait to get to the shooting! Another hunter is made!

 Hershy, Mike and I have been busy.  This workshop was the first small game hunting program we had done and I really liked the turnout.  Many of the participants were novice hunters just getting into squirrel and rabbit hunting.  Nothing really beats a morning in the squirrel woods with an accurate 22 rimfire.  Students learned about small game safety,  biology, hunting and calling strategies and much more.  They even learned about my hawk simulation trick that really seems to bring out squirrels!  They also learned about Streeter’s squeeze method for cleaning rabbits…it works!

I was really thrilled with the level of enthusiasm in this group.  small game hunting is how most of us cut our teeth on hunting and shooting and these good  folks were about to live some of the greatest memories I ever had.  Walking through the woods with that new (it was new to me) 22 rifle or 20 gauge shotgun looking for rabbits and squirrels.  Now a few new kids get to live the same glory!  Gotta love it!

Get Em’ Out There


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