Nebraska State Fair Finds Solid Ground in Grand Island

I think most would agree the new State Fair location was well received and the Fair well attended for the first time out the door in Grand Island.  While a bit more spread out…it offered something for everyone.  The Game and Parks had several offerings available this year and I think that was pretty good understanding we had no infrastructure or staffing in the area.   We hosted a booth in the 4H building, turkey hunting, wildlife viewing, camping, fishing and other activities in partnership with UNL Cooperative Extension and the time-honored archery range where a few thousand youth, families, etc. launched their first arrow.  2010 is in the history books but I would have to say that the new location was a hit and we are looking forward to next year!

Get Em’ Out There


Your's truly offering a turkey hunting workshop at the State Fair

Families were able to learn about Nebraska Snakes thanks to Dr. Dennis Ferraro of UNL Cooperative Extension

Families of all ages launched arrows at the archery range thanks to volunteers from the Grand Island Archery Club, UNL 4H and Pheasants Forever such as Bruce Lux

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