Teal for Two

…what an amazing weekend to be outdoors!…my family’s 3-day weekend actually got underway Friday evening as we tracked down the final ingredients for a Saturday morning teal hunt…it was a short night but the sound of air slipping through flight feathers of the little blue-winged speedsters in the pre-dawn made it worthwhile…with good water conditions and favorable teal numbers the hunt was over almost too quickly – Leslie had four teal sitting on her end of the canoe just after sunrise, even though our first shot wasn’t taken until we had good-shooting light (some 10-15 minutes after legal time began) –  a short wait on me extended the hunt but a few minutes…that our young children were able to be there in the canoe was the best part…we could have stayed longer just taking in all the sights and sounds of a September wetland – ducks, white-faced ibis, frogs, grebes – but we loaded up, headed home, switched vehicles and made it to the Big Indian Archery 3D shoot near Wymore…

…Monday, dark and early, found us back on the teal waters with good friend Rich to help in the fun…though the action wasn’t as fast as the previous hunt we had the entire public area to ourselves and enjoyed good numbers of birds willing to give our small spread a buzz…it may have taken a few more shells on this day but we couldn’t have been happier with the results…saw a good number of “big ducks”, too…I cannot wait to get back out for more teal hunting!…

…there is still plenty of time left in the teal season – the Hi-Plains area is open until the 12th & the Lo-Plains until the 19th…with the possibility of fronts moving through the state the best may be yet to come…find the food in quiet places and there is a good chance you will find the teal!…make sure to mark your downed birds well as the thick, early season vegetation on most public areas can hide the small birds really well…

…now just need to fire up the grill – teal are darn tasty!…


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